Strategic Plan 2019-2020

Our Strategic Plan for 2019-2020 can be found here.

1. Mission Statement

1.1. To foster the development of a strategic partnership between member Unions with relationships that are ongoing, focused on mutual respect, trust and a shared vision for the success of our common understanding of progressive trade unionism, organising and professional support to our respective members at sea, in shipping and inland waterways transport.

2. Key Aims and Objectives

2.1. The core objectives of the Federation as set out in the Constitution are as follows:-

  • To represent the interests in the widest sense of the members
  • To facilitate closer co-operation between the Unions in the furtherance of the mutual assistance and protection of their respective members
  • To improve and make more effective – through cross border representation and cooperation – the voice and influence of maritime, shipping and inland waterways transport (IWT) professionals
  • To promote the interests of members of the Unions as widely as possible
  • To take all necessary action in regard to national and international legislation, conventions, rules, recommendations and regulations for the furtherance and promotion of the interests of the maritime, shipping and inland waterway industries on behalf of the Unions’ members.

2.2 In doing so the Unions seek to be an increasingly influential force within a global industry and to broaden the representation of professionals in maritime clusters and shipping industries; and through the Nautilus Federation to be their collective voice, respond to the challenges and opportunities that the global maritime and shipping industry presents, and respond collectively to the criminalisation of the professions

3. Organising

3.1. Seek to grow the Nautilus Federation through a proactive strategy aimed at maximising membership amongst likeminded trade unions in the maritime and shipping industries including IWT.
3.2. Maintain and enhance the high international standing of the professions and of the qualifications and training standards of the members of our constituent unions.
3.3. Aim to participate to the fullest extent in International fora such as IMO and ILO where issues affecting the profession are discussed and engage proactively within these organisations to develop appropriate strategies to protect and enhance the profession and the working and living conditions and the health and safety of our members.
3.4. Enhance the effectiveness of our work within the IMO and ILO and in support – and in cooperation with – the ITF and other organisations which have shared aims.

4. Legal

4.1. Launch a global assistance and support network to help protect our constituent’s members from criminalisation.

5. Communications

5.1. Produce a quarterly journal “The Global Seafarer” and disseminate amongst the members of the Unions as required.

5.2. Carry out and publish a topical survey of our respective members and produce a written report.

5.3. Provide member Unions with regular information on all activities conducted on their behalf.

5.4. Maintain a website for the dissemination of information to member Unions and their members as required.

6. Policy

6.1. Seek to ensure that policies and objectives determined by member Unions are implemented.

7. Mutual Support and Solidarity

7.1. Grow and strengthen the membership of the Nautilus Federation by reaching out to other like-minded maritime, shipping and IWT unions, thus widening the impact of the work we do in the interests of all maritime and shipping professionals.

7.2. Maintain a commitment to international solidarity through affiliation to ITF.

7.3. Assess the decisions of the ITF Congress and work to the realisation of resolutions impacting on our industries and the contribution member unions can make to the general polices that are adopted by ITF.

8. Working Internationally

8.1. Represent members at external bodies such as ILO, IMO, EU, ITF, IFSMA, ETF as required to progress Nautilus policies and protect our members’ interests.

8.2. Initiate campaigns amongst the membership and/or the public and/or other groups, to progress Nautilus Federation policies and protect our members’ interests.

9. Budgets

9.1. Maintain estimates of expenditure and income to enable the Nautilus Federation to carry out its work on a sustainable basis.

9.2. Maintain a flexible system of contributions and subscriptions from members which allows for a flat rate fee, per capita contributions and project funding and a combination thereof.