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Acting chief stewardess Sofiia Skorokhod steps up during the pandemic

14 May 2020

Long hours and hard work are no deterrent to a big career at sea according to Nautilus Champion and acting chief stewardess Sofiia Skorokhod

What is a typical day in your job?

I am an 'acting chief stewardess' on a 60m private yacht. My typical working day starts at 08:00 hrs and finishes at 17:00 hrs when the guests are off schedule and 06:00 hrs to 22:00-23:00 hrs when the guests are on board.

It's been a little bit hectic for me to take all the responsibilities without previous experience in the role. The team I have now is very new to the boat, so I spend quite a lot of time training the girls and doing organisational work. Apart from that it's all the interior routine day to day during the week and short guest trips on the weekends.

Why did you choose a career at sea?

I started as a hairdresser on a cruise liner. I just transferred with my main profession at that time. Mostly for money and experience.

Tell us some of your career highlights – and challenges – so far.

I started at this boat as dayworker, got the position of junior stewardess in October 2019 and since February this year I replaced the chief stewardess who was meant to come back from medical vacation but could not due to the [coronavirus] traveling restrictions. Being in such a role without previous experience is challenging itself, but I find it very stimulating.

How can seafarers be made to feel welcome and retained in a career at sea?

It's a tricky question and answer is very complex depending on which angle we are looking at. Let me answer for now: By improving working and environmental conditions.

What are the best things about your job?

It's well paid. It's a very good chance for those with right attitude and dedication to succeed and grow quite fast.

Would you recommend seafaring as a career?

Absolutely yes!

Tell us one thing that people may not know about your job?

It's challenging, rewarding and shows you what you are capable of.