Nautilus champions seafarers' rights in face of industry automation

14 September 2017

As Rolls Royce and Svitzer staged a 'historic' first successful demonstration of a remotely operated commercial vessel, Nautilus general secretary Mark Dickinson championed maritime professionals in a forum of industry leaders.

As the flagship conference for London International Shipping Week (LISW17), the event on 14 September looked towards the next 25 years of the maritime world.

Coinciding with the LISW17 theme of Tomorrow's Maritime World, the four-part conference at the Grosvenor House Hotel included a session titled Tomorrow's Needs – focusing on the changing business environment in the shipping industry, assessing how evolving trade patterns and disruptive technologies will affect people working in the sector.

Mr Dickinson – who is also a board advisor for the International Transport Workers' Federation and European Transport Workers' Federation Maritime Transport Section – discussed the implications of automation and increase technology onboard ships and highlight that seafarers need to be at the forefront of developments.

Mr Dickinson said: 'London International Shipping Week is set to bring together over 15,000 shipping industry leaders, serving as a reminder that the UK is still a major global maritime powerhouse.

The next 25 years will see changes in the way we trade overseas along with changes to job roles and business models. With 95% of everything we import and export coming to us by sea, it's vitally important as an island nation that we safeguard the future of seafaring. Nautilus general secretary, Mark Dickinson

Alongside Mr Dickinson's involvement at the flagship conference, Nautilus International hosted a free Career and Skills Hub and seminar on day two of London International Shipping Week alongside the UK Chamber of Shipping and the Merchant Navy Training Board.