Stena boosts equality efforts

29 March 2019

Stena Line, a major employer of Nautilus members, chose International Women's Day to launch a new 'sustainability focus area': Equality and inclusion.

Stena Line's sustainability strategy is based on focus areas which are linked to the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and directly  related to the company’s business. Equality and inclusion will be the fifth focus area, complementing the existing four areas: Clean energy;Good health and well-being; Life below water; and Responsible consumption.

For each area there are ambitious targets established and developments will be closely monitored, with the ambition of becoming a leader in sustainable shipping.

'For equality and inclusion, the longterm goals are set to a minimum of 30% female leaders by 2022 and a zero-vision in terms of harassment. The work has already started with two new company policies for anti-harassment and equal opportunities launched last year', said Margareta Jensen Dickson, head of people at Stena Line.