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To sea or not to sea: new film promotes maritime careers to young people

14 September 2017

Nautilus welcomed the launch of a new film in 2017 that aims to encourage more young people to train as seafarers.

The short film, titled 'To Sea or Not to Sea', was produced by ITN Productions and will be promoted across social media in an effort to raise awareness of the maritime sector.

Funded by the Maritime Educational Foundation, with support from Nautilus, RMT and the UK Chamber of Shipping, the film has been specifically backed by Nautilus as part of its Job, Skills and the Future strategic campaign to increase UK seafarer employment and training.

Merchant Navy Training Board director Kathryn Neilson said:

We know there are many talented young people in the UK who want a career in the Merchant Navy, but there are many more talented young people out there who we could attract to the industry if only they knew of the opportunities available to them.

Video: ITN Productions' new film 'To Sea or Not to Sea'