UK set to reveal details of Brexit impact on UK seafarer certificates

24 August 2018

Details of how UK seafarer certificates may be recognised within Europe in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit are expected to be provided within a series of documents being published by the government.

More than 20 technical notices were published on Thursday 23 August – and a total of 84 are due to appear over the coming weeks – covering issues including maritime security, state aid, and customs and trade.

Nautilus has been seeking assurances from ministers since the European Commission warned of 'certain legal repercussions' for the mutual recognition of seafarers' certificates arising from the UK's withdrawal from the EU and its consequent move to 'third country' status.

Brexit could mean that UK seafarer certificates will no longer be automatically recognised by the remaining 27 member states. Existing UK certificates which have an 'endorsement attesting recognition' will continue to be valid until their expiry date,  but will not be transferable between different EU flags.

Shipping minister Nusrat Ghani told the Union that the UK is 'seeking a continued system for the mutual recognition of professional qualifications, including licences and certificates'.

'We believe it is vital that the UK government takes steps now to provide our members with certainty for the years ahead and to ensure that Brexit does not create new barriers to their employment, and we will respond appropriately when the contents of the technical notice are made available,' said general secretary Mark Dickinson.