Nautilus members invited to take part in UK government maritime diversity survey

26 July 2019

The UK Department for Transport (DfT) has teamed up with the University of London's Cass Business School to launch a survey on diversity in the UK maritime workforce. 

The aim, says the DfT, is 'to identify key characteristics of the UK and UK-based maritime workforce and reach conclusions regarding the promotion of new opportunities and advancements (technological innovations, policy recommendations etc.) as well as the narrowing of any potential gaps.'

Nautilus is encouraging members to take part in the survey as part of the Union's own commitment to helping increase diversity in the industry, whether that relates to gender, sexual orientation, disability, race or religion.  

Estimated to take around 15 minutes to complete, the research questionnaire is on SurveyMonkey

The deadline for responses is 10 August 2019.